Stainless steel

For maximum demands

Stainless steels can be used manifold due to its preferred characteristics, like for example the corrosion resistance. Of course, the basic requirement for a satisfactory result is the right selection of the material to be used for the intended application.

Glass, stone, plastic

Cutting, grinding, finishing. Expertly.

KLINGSPOR offers an extensive product range for the materials mentioned. For example grinding discs and cutting-off wheels for working on mineral building materials and natural stones, or also abrasive belts for edge and facet grinding (bevelling) on glasses and plastics.


Versatile. With high expectations of perfection.

KLINGSPOR abrasive tools for wood processing are high-class quality products which meet the high demands of the wood processing industry and trade. KLINGSPOR has the right abrasive products for every job.


Everything from one source.

KLINGSPOR is known for its expertise for abrasive technology in metal working grown over decades.”Everything from one source” means that KLINGSPOR offers the complete programme of abrasive tools for metal working: Coated abrasives in various qualities and designs, cutting-off wheels and grinding discs, abrasive mops (Schleifmop®), abrasive mop discs as well as flexible abrasives.


Paint, varnish, filler, to work brilliantly.

Grinding tools for paint, varnish and filler have to meet the special requirements of these sophisticated materials. KLINGSPOR offers a wide range of top- quality special grinding tools, from preparative rough grinding of filler to finishing of fine varnish surfaces.