Carbide Burrs

Carbide Burrs


About the product

Powerful milling and levelling of surfaces and forms
Klingspor carbide burrs are used wherever outstanding stock removal and service life are pivotal to the proper processing of hard-to-reach places. The burrs are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and with utmost precision.

Our comprehensive product selection offers all shapes and dimensions necessary to find the solution that matches each application best. Thanks to the abundance of available toothing options, you can be sure to achieve the desired outcome on any material and with unparalleled speed.

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New high performance tooth geometries for steel and INOX processing

Perfectly adapted to the respective group of processed material, the newly engineered blade geometries __ (steel) and __ (INOX) allow for a significantly higher stock removal rate when compared to the cross-cut toothing typically found on ordinary burrs.

The advantages at a glance:

  • higher level of aggressiveness and cutting performance
  • improved chip removal
  • markedly enhanced service life thanks to reduced built-up edge formation
  • less thermal stress on tool and workpiece
  • decrease in annealing colours during INOX applications