Diamond Tools

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New, Improved Klingspor

Remain in full control of all processes: staying true to this motto, Klingspor managed to rise to be one of the world’s first manufacturers of grinding and cutting tools.

The company is now applying their extensive experience in research and development and manufacturing, their global network of distributors and their highly efficient service and logistics structure to their diamond tools.

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Product benefits

Maximum performance, large variety of applications

Klingspor’s comprehensive range of diamond tools makes it a cinch for any user to work faster and with greater precision and endurance. As they are made of carefully tested premium grade materials, the products included in each product line offer a wide range of possible applications and meet the highest safety standards.

Research and development engineered in Germany

For decades, our Research and Development department in Haiger, Germany has continuously raised the bar when it comes to enhancing technologies applied to cutting and grinding. Benefiting from highly skilled experts amongst their ranks and leading edge equipment in their labs and test benches, our R&D department is now laying the foundation for Klingspor diamond tools that cannot be beaten when it comes to quality and reliability.

oSa® – the Centre of Excellence for the safety of abrasives

Klingspor is a founding member of the oSa®. The Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives is a voluntary association of abrasive manufacturers. All members commit to adhering to all European safety standards applicable to abrasive tools and to promote and enforce stricter production and testing regulations. As an expression of their voluntary commitment, the oSa® awards a quality seal that is protected worldwide. To the user and the dealer, this translates to increased safety during use and a lower liability risk, respectively.

The 7 criterias that guarantee oSa® safety

  1. Voluntary commitment of the manufacturer
  2. Testing facilities and expertise under the manufacturer’s roof
  3. Certified quality management including documented processes
  4. Independent product tests
  5. Independent safety audits performed by external auditors
  6. Regular production monitoring and control
  7. Safety as products can be traced back all the way to the manufacturer