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Kronenflex® grinding discs

About the product

Kronenflex® grinding discs are characterised by their permanent high level of attack and maximum stock removal. The optimum relationship between performance and service life is guaranteed up to the complete use of the disc.

Kronenflex® grinding discs are used in all major surface grinding applications, as well as for edge bevelling and burr removal.

Klingspor offers professional advice in selecting the right grinding disc for your application. From general metalworking to material-related applications in steel, stainless steel and NF metals, to the more specialised requirements of the nuclear industry, Klingspor has the products you need. Discs for stone grinding and cup grinding wheels round off our programme.

Our engineers are standing by to help you, should you have specific problems or technical questions. You may take advantage of our technical consulting services whether at Klingspor or directly on site.

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Practical Tips

The rule of thumb also applies to grinding discs: the harder the material, the softer the bond of the grinding disc. In addition, the application plays a very decisive role.

Corners and burrs have very sharp edges and easily tear the grit out of the bond. We recommend the use of a hard bond.

If on the other hand one is working on surfaces i.e. small welded seams, a disc that is too hard would easily become dull and no longer grip the material. The disc would achieve a good service life, but this
would result in a low stock removal rate and high work costs.

For finish grinding the best disc bond is a medium or so¡ disc bond.