Klingspor A24R Supra Grinding Discs

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Prices shown are per disc.

Please Note: 1 unit = pack of 10 Discs.

Image shown is of the 125mm version of this disc.

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A24R Supra Grinding Wheels:
Kronenflex® grinding discs are characterised by their permanent high level of attack and maximum stock removal.

The optimum relationship between performance and service life is guaranteed for as long as the disc is in use.

Optimised recipe for use on steel, also suitable for use on stainless steel.
Highest possible level of safety for the user.
Suitable for grinding Steel and Stainless Steel.

Additional Information – Grinding Wheels:
A24R – Grinding discs are regularly used for the following applications:
Steel, stainless steel, general engineering, pipe work etc.

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100mm, 115mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm