Klingspor KM613 Flap Wheel Retail Pack

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For use on die grinders or drills.

KM613 flap wheels in various diameters in a pack containing either 40, 60 or 80 grit.

Flap wheel sizes 50×30, 40×20, 30×15 & 20x10mm.

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KM613 – Mounted flap wheel for stainless steel and metal.

The KM613 mounted flap wheel is for working in hard-to-reach areas and shines with outstanding performance on such materials as

  • stainless steel
  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic

This small mounted flap wheel has been designed as the perfect complement to all straight grinders and drilling machines with speed control. The unique features of the KM613 include the soft and flexible flap structure and a constant removal rate. This tools makes it easy to process workpieces that are made up of complex surface shapes.

Moving flaps are the distinguishing feature of this product

The flexible movements of its flaps provide for additional ventilation on this mounted flap wheel. This allows for cooler grinding, preventing the formation of annealing colours on the workpiece. The KM613 is used for finishing on metal and is guaranteed to create a brilliant surface finish on stainless steel. Better still, its constant removal rate turns this mounted flap wheel into the ideal abrasive tool for other materials such as wood and plastic.

High-quality bonding for the highest demands

The bonding agent used for the KM613 mounted flap wheel uses a proven and high-quality synthetic resin. The grain chosen for this product is aluminium oxide. A quality mounted flap wheel meets the requirements of demanding applications – whether home improvement or professional users.

A mounted flap wheel for every need

The KM613 mounted flap wheel comes in a large selection of dimensions and grit sizes – from fine to coarse, professional results are guaranteed. Small areas are just as easily processed as large profiles. The mounted flap wheel has a standard 6mm shaft.

Abrasive flap wheel products for a wide range of applications

Klingspor’s abrasive flap wheel products cover a wide field of real-world applications. For example during fine grinding or the processing of welds. Klingspor offers well-established safety with products that have been tested in accordance with oSa guidelines and the EN 13743 safety standard. To keep safe, the user needs to observe the maximum motor speed and minimum clamping length that are dictated by the exposed shank length.


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40, 60, 80